Rekeying Commercial and Residential Doors

Rekeying Commercial And Residential Doors And Why It’s a Good Choice

Many things could motivate you to rekey your business premises or your home. To rekey doors, you need the services of a qualified professional to ensure that things get done the right way. When you move to a new place or have been in a burglary situation, rekeying is very important. Rekeying can also be a great way to improve security, especially when you are wary about how safe your premises or home is. By rekeying, you go a long way into improving security in a big way. 

We offer many residential and commercial services in Bellevue to help you gain back security and take control back. This ensures that you are safe at all times. We offer professional services, and we can easily evaluate your locks and tell you whether rekeying is the best option for you. 

Universal Keys

Sometimes, we live in residences or use business premises with so many locks, which means you have to deal with so many keys at all times. Accessing rooms has become a bit hectic. By rekeying, you have the chance to reduce the number of keys you have to take around with you. If you wonder how to rekey a door lock in Bellevue WA, get in touch with us. With our services, it is easy to change our locks and ensure you have one key that can be used on all of them. You don’t have to keep searching for the right key all the time. 

We cover a variety of locksmith services for automotive purpose:

 Car lockouts
 Car key replacement
 Jammed key in the ignition
 Ignition switch repairs
 Transponder key programming

 Car lock replacement
 Broken car key removal
 Motorcycle lock repairs
 Car trunk lockout solutions
 Car key duplication

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Rekeying Versus Lock Replacement

You may be torn between rekeying residential door locks in Bellevue or simply replacing the locks entirely. This usually depends on the budget or how much you are willing to spend on the same. Removing locks and then replacing them is an option, and it is effective. However, when you think of a replacement, you need to buy brand new locks and deadbolts. You could even be required to modify your doors so that the new locks can fit well. This is why rekeying is such a better alternative at the end of the day. We take out the locks and remove pins. We then replace the pins using a new configuration, and then the same lock is installed into the door. This invalidates the former keys so that you use the new keys instead. This is a much faster and cheaper way of tightening security.

No Need to Change The Hardware

When you rekey commercial door locks in Bellevue, there is no need to change the hardware. You don’t need to change the door, nor do you need to get new locks altogether. While damaged locks could require entire replacement, this is rarely the case. We can evaluate your needs and advise you on the best way to go. We can advise you on whether rekeying is even a possibility before we get started. This reduces the cost significantly. 

So, how much to rekey a door lock in Bellevue, WA? This depends on the type of lock used and how hard it is to rekey it. While some locks are straightforward, some are a bit complex to handle. We have professionals that can handle rekeying or commercial and residential door locks at an affordable rate. We can advise on the same and let you know exactly what needs to be done to guarantee your safety once again.  

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