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It is important to do things the right way, and the same applies to mailbox locks. Many people are tempted to simply drill out mailboxes when they jam or fail to work as they should. This is not a good idea and may not be legal to start with. There are instances where you need to have the postal carrier or the postmaster open a master door before any replacement can be done to the individual locks of tenants. To do it right, contact our mailbox lock repair technicians to ensure a clean and legal job is done. 

Some apartments have shared mailboxes, homeowners have street boxes, and therefore most people understand how mailboxes are opened when you want to get the mail out. Just like other locks, these locks are also susceptible to issues and breakdowns. They can malfunction, and they can refuse to open entirely. When the mailbox stays locked, it offers security. Your mail is safe, and access is limited to you only. There are instances where the lock could break, where you could lose your key or find that it fails to close at all. In such a case, you may be under a lot of stress. When you are stressed, many people will choose to pick the lock unprofessionally. 

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Doing It Right: Mailbox Lock Repair in Bellevue

The first thing to do when your mailbox refuses to open is to try to think if you have another copy in case of lost keys. If there are no other keys, you will need to deal with the situation. Landlords could help in such situations sometimes. We can help you with key replacements and repairs in Bellevue so that you can still access your mails without compromising the mailbox. 

Before getting started on the replacement, it is essential to find out who owns that mailbox in the first place. Companies could own the mailbox, or it could be a part of cluster boxes, or it could be personal property. In this case, you will have to get the required authorization to repair the mailbox or make lock replacements. 

For apartments with cluster mailboxes, the housing association, management company, or landlord may be responsible for the maintenance of the mailbox. They can get in touch with us to help handle the matter at hand. 

If the mailbox is yours, then it is your sole responsibility to deal with its repair. If you are having issues with the mailbox, you should contact us to handle mailbox lock repair in Bellevue. We can advise you on all the possibilities and get things moving again. 

We understand the different types of mailboxes available. The lock that we use depends on the type of mailbox that you have. There are some mailboxes with padlocks, while others use combination locks. These are the things that we consider before we start working on it. 

Retrieving Mail

When we replace or repair the mailbox, we have to determine the method we use for mail retrieval. In this case, we make sure that the kind of work we do on the lock does not limit your access to mail. We also ensure that your carrier can still deliver mail safely and easily, which is a great thing.

Contact us for any mailbox lock issues and allow us to help you.

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